TTD Doc8


Doc8 is an opinionated style checker for rst (with basic support for plain text) styles of documentation.

Based on doc8.




Navigate to the directory containing your reStructuredText (.rst) or markdown (.md) files.

docker run -it -v `pwd`:/srv/data testthedocs/ttd-doc8


  • Invalid rst format - D000

  • Lines should not be longer than 180 characters - D001

    • RST exception: line with no whitespace except in the beginning

    • RST exception: lines with http or https urls

    • RST exception: literal blocks

    • RST exception: rst target directives

  • No trailing whitespace - D002

  • No tabulation for indentation - D003

  • No carriage returns (use unix newlines) - D004

  • No newline at end of file - D005

Source Code

The code of ttd-doc8 is located on GitHub.